Introducing IoC | ITS on Cloud

Revolutionize Intelligent Transportation Systems with our innovative cloud-based solution. Seamlessly integrate traffic management systems, tolling infrastructure, and asset management on one unified platform. Empower data-driven decision-making with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and safety. Say goodbye to legacy server-based systems and step into the future of ITS with IoC | ITS on Cloud.

Digital Project Management

Digital Project Management - Metro Infrasys

Elevate your ITS and highway project management with our futuristic cloud-based solutions that optimize efficiency, enhance collaboration, and future-proof your infrastructure.

  • CAPEX savings on construction, design and delivery
  • Cut review and approval time by automating workflows
  • Efficient and better-informed business decisions
  • Track progress and expenses in real-time
  • Lower risk and cost contingency
Ready to elevate your project management skills? Try our futuristic cloud-based solution today and unlock new heights of efficiency and collaboration.
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Cloud-based TMS Solutions

Streamline toll and traffic management with our advanced cloud-based TMS solutions, utilizing real-time data and analytics for improved accuracy and performance.

  • Seamless migration to cloud-based toll collection system from legacy server-based systems
  • Future-proof your tolling infrastructure with our cloud-based TMS that seamlessly transitions to MLFF and GNSS-based tolling systems
  • Real-time data and analytics for improved accuracy and performance
Unlock the full potential of your toll and traffic management with our cloud-based TMS solutions utilizing real-time data and analytics. Try it now.
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Cloud-based TMS Solutions

Cloud-based ATMS Solutions

Cloud-based ATMS Solutions

Effortlessly maximize traffic efficiency with our powerful cloud-based ATMS solutions, utilizing real-time data to optimize traffic flow and enhance vehicular safety.

  • Optimize traffic flow with real-time data analysis
  • Enhance safety with advanced traffic management features
  • Easy integration with current traffic management systems
  • Automated incident response system for improved safety
  • Visualize real-time traffic data for informed decision-making
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Smart Cities & Infrastructure

Optimize city and infrastructure operations with our cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, empowering data-driven decision-making and maximizing efficiency.

  • Real-time monitoring of city and infrastructure operations
  • Integrated smart sensor network for accurate data collection
  • User-friendly dashboards and customizable reporting
  • Scalable and adaptable to accommodate future growth
  • Predictive analytics for proactive maintenance and repairs
Transform your city’s infrastructure with our cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, and optimize operations with data-driven decision-making. Contact us now.
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Smart Cities & Infrastructure

Real-Time Asset Management

Real-Time Asset Management

Effectively organize and secure assets with our smart cloud-based solutions that provide real-time tracking and management for enhanced productivity and reduced risks.

  • Streamlined asset maintenance and scheduling
  • Intuitive dashboard for easy monitoring and analysis
  • Robust security features for asset protection
  • Customizable reporting for informed decisions
  • Audit trail tracks assets for compliance
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