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Finding and managing parking is a serious problem for cities across the country, authorities as well as for the government in India.

The speed at which the number of vehicles is increasing has put the authorities in a fix. The ever growing parking issue needs instant and innovative approach to deal with.

Metro Infrasys offers its advance parking management system designed and built from the drawing board to the final delivery. Our technologically streamlined parking solutions are as unique as our projects and capable of with standing the parking challenges in a city.

Problems With Parking

The high percentage of vehicle ownership in the India, parking has become a conflicting and confusing situation for number of people. The following list identifies the kinds of problems that typically occur in a community:

  • Inadequate information for motorists on parking availability and price. Motorists are likely to be frustrated if they expected abundant and free parking but find limited or expensive parking, or if they must spend excessive time searching for a parking space.

  • Inefficient use of existing parking capacity. Local zoning ordinances, building codes, and other development practices can result in an oversupply of parking spaces and an inefficient use of existing parking.

  • Parking spaces that are an inconvenience to nearby residents and businesses. Businesses may experience difficulty in retaining customers and residences may have a problem finding parking close to their homes.

  • Difficulties with parking regulation and pricing. This problem can cause problems, including traffic congestion as motorist cruise for parking or stop in a traffic lane to wait for a space, and parking congestion in nearby areas.

  • Excessive automobile use. Automobile dependency imposes many costs on society. User costs include reduced travel choices, increased vehicle and residential parking costs, and increased accident risk. External costs include increased road and parking facility costs, congestion, uncompensated accident damages, environmental degradation, negative land use impacts, and reduced mobility for non-drivers

Also common issues like random Parking & illegal parking which leads to chaos & Wastage of parking space. Commuters have no information about availability of parking spaces and they tend to park at curbs for longer period of time.


Metro’s Smart Parking Solutions

Metro Infrasys innovative parking solutions uses cutting edge technology for:

  • Indoor Parking

  • Outdoor Parking

Parking Management System - Metro Infrasys

Our Objectives

The challenge is to provide adequate parking to meet a community’s needs for mobility and economic strength, to encourage people to use other modes of travel, and to minimize the impacts of parking on neighbourhood character. The following recommendations outline several parking solutions to consider in order to create a parking management system capable of solving existing and future problems:

  • Improve information for motorists. Create signs, brochures and other information resources indicating parking availability and price.

  • Increase the range of parking convenience and price levels available to consumers. Strengthen parking enforcement by developing more convenient payment and time options

  • Manage residential on-street parking. This can be applied by setting permit prices to reflect demand and available curb space or limit the number of new residential parking permits.

  • Valet parking. The benefit of providing valet parking is to improve business by reducing the number of cars driving around looking for a space. Also, up to twice as many cars can fit into a lot when valet services are used.

  • Location of parking lots. Locating buildings close to the street, with parking facilities behind, can help create a more accessible, pedestrian-friendly streetscape. Parking facilities located in front of a building tend to reduce pedestrian access compared with buildings located close to the street with parking located in the back.

Key Features

  • Module Based Software

  • Report Customization

  • Fare Plan Customization

  • In – house R&D Software Team

  • EDI/SAP Integration

  • Next level of pos automation

  • Remote Software Maintenance

  • SLA for Up-Time of System

Solution Benefits

  • Higher fee Collection

  • Facilitates dynamic rate changes

  • Availability of metrics for optimizing operations

  • Compliance enforcement

  • Ease of use for customers in terms of parking and payment

  • Enables higher usage through availability sharing with end users

  • Ease of use for customers for parking and making payments

  • Enables higher usage of parking space by sharing parking space availability through mobile app

  • Enhances parking revenue

  • Provides metrics for optimizing operations

  • Reduced capital expenditure on equipment; Better returns

Parking Solutions - Metro Infrasys

What more we can offer?

Our Smart parking Management system provides real time parking space availability information to users via Mobile based app along with applicable rates, pre-booking facility and flexi-payment options etc.

Integration of parking spaces in
Metro’s Parking Mobile App
Increase operational excellence
by avoiding revenue leakage
Facility of pre booking and payment
of parking spaces through App
Conversation recording facility at
payment booth for auditing purpose
Vehicle Counting and Audit systems