Weigh in Motion System

The Weigh in Motion represents fixed scale station, but weighs the vehicle while it is in motion. Weigh in Motion is an unmanned, non-intrusive system that can collect the data in real time automatically and can send to the central system.

The slow speed weigh in motion can measure the weight upto a speed of 15-20 K.M per hour. Weigh in motion is integrated in Toll Lanes at Toll Plazas and at Check post for overweighing of goods. Weigh in motion can be connected with cameras or license plate reader for enforcement of overweighing vehicle.

Metro has redefined the scope of weigh in motion functionalities by combining it with the tolling solution, making it a safe, secure and affordable solution for highway concessionaires. Overweight vehicles are not only hazardous for highways infrastructure but their chances of accidents increase by a large factor.

Weigh In Motion - Metro Infrasys

Enforcement of Toll Policy for vehicle weight while ensuring smooth flow of traffic

Weigh in Motion