The people who work at Metro share the vision and value of the company. #Metroinfrasyscommunity

Sachin Bhatia
Founder & CEO

Sachin is an innovator who strives constantly to be at the forefront of technology and bringing digital transformation into every aspect of the business and customer engagement.

His two decades of leadership has created a growth trajectory from a 5 member Road Marking Company to a fast-growing 200 team member ITS firm with an emerging global business plan.

Driven by a desire to inspire and develop others, Sachin is an energy leader always working to better his team and solutions for the clients.

He draws his ikigai from the collective wisdom, passion, shared success culture and camaraderie that the team brings “everyday”.

Sachin has a deep commitment to training kids and serving the community. He blends that together with a group of children with whom he manages Bravo Club, a non-profit. The club does most creative events for the kids to raise funds for various causes.

His one thing: Create incredible journeys for all stakeholders.

Satish Bhatia
Managing Director & Co-Founder

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Satish brings more than 50 years of senior financial experience. Under his vision, mentoring, and management, Metro has grown multifold. His lessons through his 30 years in the paint industry always give the team something to ponder over.

When he’s not busy handling the statutory requirements, he’s busy inspiring his grandchildren with his passion for sports. 

His one thing: Never let growth compromise your sustainability.

Arjun Nath
Chief Mentor

Pleasant, witty with a sharp business sense and acumen: these are some qualities that define Arjun. His experience in manufacturing always brings a fresh perspective to the table. 

He understands the human mind better than anyone else in Metro, and that’s the reason he carries the title of Chief Mentor.  He’s an investor, advisor and mentor with various companies in India and Europe.

He likes to call himself the chief entertainment officer and finds every opportunity to make a party happen.

His one thing: When people come to work, they dont have to leave their hearts behind.