The people who work at Metro share the vision and value of the company. #Metroinfrasyscommunity

Sachin Bhatia
Founder & CEO

Sachin is an innovator who strives constantly to be at the forefront of technology and bringing digital transformation into every aspect of the business and customer engagement.

His two decades of leadership has created a growth trajectory from a 5 member Road Marking Company to a fast-growing 200 team member ITS firm with an emerging global business plan.

Driven by a desire to inspire and develop others, Sachin is an energy leader always working to better his team and solutions for the clients.

He draws his ikigai from the collective wisdom, passion, shared success culture and camaraderie that the team brings “everyday”.

Sachin has a deep commitment to training kids and serving the community. He blends that together with a group of children with whom he manages Bravo Club, a non-profit. The club does most creative events for the kids to raise funds for various causes.

His one thing: Create incredible journeys for all stakeholders.

Satish Bhatia
Managing Director & Co-Founder

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Satish brings more than 50 years of senior financial experience. Under his vision, mentoring, and management, Metro has grown multifold. His lessons through his 30 years in the paint industry always give the team something to ponder over.

When he’s not busy handling the statutory requirements, he’s busy inspiring his grandchildren with his passion for sports. 

His one thing: Never let growth compromise your sustainability.

Arjun Nath
Chief Mentor

Pleasant, witty with a sharp business sense and acumen: these are some qualities that define Arjun. His experience in manufacturing always brings a fresh perspective to the table. 

He understands the human mind better than anyone else in Metro, and that’s the reason he carries the title of Chief Mentor.  He’s an investor, advisor and mentor with various companies in India and Europe.

He likes to call himself the chief entertainment officer and finds every opportunity to make a party happen.

His one thing: When people come to work, they dont have to leave their hearts behind.

Ranjeet Choudhary
COO & Executive Director

Starting at Metro as an Accounts Assistant in 2000 Ranjeet worked his way from accounting to commercial operation to Leadership in Operations to eventually COO and now Executive Director. He is at the epicentre of operations and his focus on process and numbers has made a significant contribution to the foundational elements that made Metro what it is today. He is the true “Intra-prenuer” whose journey inspires one and all within Metro and in the industry at large. 

His core values of commitment and accountability is the cornerstone of Metro’s brand values.

In addition to his finance background, Ranjeet is a leader on a quest to grow in all dimensions. His spiritual learning is so deep that sometimes it defies the laws of gravity.

His one thing: Always put first things first.

Pankaj Verma
Chief Business Officer

Pankaj is a sales veteran and an accomplished business leader with over 25 years of experience in various positions held in renowned companies like Siemens and Rockwell Automation.

Passionate about building strong client relationships he leads Metro’s business division.  As Chief Business Officer he is responsible for setting the company’s business strategies that generate the demand for growth in revenue. He understands ‘What the customer wants us to know’ and his commitment to process strengthens the impact of sales.

Outside of his Metro life when he is not closing deals, Pankaj has a severe case of reading books, swimming and playing squash.

His one thing: Only way we can reach our goals is to keep learning, unlearning and relearning about customers.

Ajay Talwar
Financial Advsior

Ajay has a wealth of experience having spent 40 years in the capacity as CFO and financial controller at a number of firms in UAE and Oman.

He is constantly developing new financial metrics to ensure that the company is on track of its core values of becoming a great place to invest, to shop and to work, without any compromise on either of the goals.

He’s committed to the company’s goal of building intrapreneurs, and is seen coaching all the members of the management of “ whats is the business impact “ of it. 

His one thing: Cash is oxygen for the company.

Sudipta Biswas
Head of HR

Sudipta has been leading the employee’s cultural connections with Metro for almost 3 years now. She is engaged in all aspects of employee experience and has played an important role in developing Metro’s core values, vision and culture.

She comes to Metro after working with various brands like Crowne Plaza, PVR and Samsung for 10 years. Some of her key initiatives have been building a cultural orientation for #Metroinfrasyscommunity and structuring the learning & training process for an ongoing employee appreciation plan.

When Sudipta isn’t busy empowering people, Sudipta likes to get outdoors and go hiking, mountain climbing and trekking.

Her one thing: Integrity is the only route to excellence.

Yukti Arora Bansal
Head of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives

Yukti is responsible for marketing, communication and building an ecosystem that fosters business partnerships. With her combination of deep spiritual practice and three generations of family business background, she converts complexity to simplicity.

She is data driven and an insightful marketer who is passionate about doing research on everything. Her focus on “understanding before being understood”, enables Metro to build bridges across continents and cultures to bring collaborations.

Yukti’s tenure with some of the world’s leading magazines as a Journalist, puts her in ‘questioning everything mode’ till she reaches “clarity” and her  ‘just do it’ determination ensures her projects have successful closure.

She’s a writer and storyteller at heart and always orders the food.

Her one thing: Always begin with the end in mind.