Automatic Vehicle Classification

Metro Infrasys AVC is a key element for assessment of the correct toll fee at toll plazas and ensures accurate vehicle detection and classification. This is key equipment in the whole toll collection system. It is designed and customized to be rugged, durable and easy to maintain and is equipped with all necessary cooling and heating elements to withstand harsh environments.

AVC is based on infrared sensor technology for low maintenance and low cost with greater accuracy. It is designed in accordance to the rapidly growing traffic flow without any additional cost.

Metro Infrasys AI based AVC System

Key Features

  • Independent, stable & reliable system

  • Standard Electrical Protections Over Current, Surge, EMI and Residual Current

  • Power isolation & protection of Individual equipment

  • Fuse protection & Fuse failure indication for individual control circuit

  • Power distribution and Control wiring suitable for industrial environment

  • Adequate Air Filter & Circulations for harsh environment

  • Reliable and industrial grade components

  • MTBF: 100,000 Hours

  • Industrial Grade Computer

  • User friendly design for quick and easy maintenance by semi-skilled technician

  • Rugged & Vandal Proof

Automatic Vehicle Classification

Key Performance Result

Automatic Vehicle Classification
  • 95% Classification Accuracy ( Standard Vehicles)

  • 100% Counting Accuracy

  • 100% Auditable transactions

  • Technology : Vehicle Side Profile using IR Light Grid

  • Various vehicle class & sub-class categories help to customize classification algorithm as per customer’s need.

    • Car / Jeep/ Van

    •  LCV

    • Truck

    •  Bus with Two Axles

    •  Truck with 3 Axles

    • Trucks with more than 3 Axles (Multi Axles)

  • Tail gating detection

  • Vehicle Axle Count detection

  • Wrong way vehicle detection

  • Vehicle height detection

  • Failed Sensor Detection & Alarms

  • Panel Door & UPS status monitoring

  • Data Extraction in Excel format

Key Functions of AVCC Components

  • Control Panel with Power Distribution & Control.

  • IR and Loop sensors based outputs on interruption gets collected and data transmitted to AVC controller

  • AVC Controller is processing logical inputs from other equipments and data input from Sensors.

  • Industrial Computer (Advantech Motherboard) with local datastorage for data acquisition and control of interfaced with AVC Controller. It is having built-in application which is processing data from AVC controller, defines AVC Class based on set of parameter & classification algorithm. Subsequently, AVC class and profile is transmitted to TLC & TMS Server over LAN.

  • It has been designed keeping in mind for any future expansion possibilities without any additional cost.

Key Functions of AVC