About Us

Metro Infrasys Pvt. Ltd. head office based in New Delhi is an emerging leader in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems with an impressive track record, in collaborations with top concession companies in India.

Metro Infrasys has set its service, integration and development centre as per the international standards at IMT Manesar, Gurgaon (Haryana). The company has made state-of–art mock lane through which it demonstrates various technologies for tolling, traffic management and parking. The facility is also being used for simulation, testing, innovation, and training.

Drawing on comprehensive research and collaboration with the world’s leading companies, Metro Infrasys provides the best available customized solution in the field of traffic management. Metro Infrasys adapts world’s best technology with local knowledge and expertise suitable for Indian subcontinent’s environmental and operational conditions

Metro Infrasys deals in the following field of ITS
  • 1: Highway Intelligent Transportation System:
    • Toll Management System (TMS)
    • Highway Traffic Management System
    • Weigh-In-Motion
    • Check-Post
  • 2: Urban Intelligent Transportation System:
    • Traffic Enforcement-Red Light & Speed Enforcement System
    • Parking Management & Guidance System

Metro fondly remembers its star Amit Singh