The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken a commendable step towards promoting inclusive development by launching its knowledge-sharing platform ( This platform catalyzes collaboration among experts and citizens, facilitating sharing of best practices in road design, construction, safety, and sustainability for developing national highways.

At Metro Infrasys, we share a similar vision of inclusive development, specifically focusing on the immense potential of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology in India. As pioneers in advanced traffic management solutions, we recognize the transformative power of C-V2X in optimizing traffic management, enhancing road safety, and providing a superior travel experience for all road users.

Advancing Knowledge and Best Practices

NHAI’s knowledge-sharing platform creates an ecosystem for exchanging innovative ideas and best practices among experts and citizens, covering various aspects of road design, construction, safety, and sustainability. Similarly, Metro Infrasys understands the critical importance of knowledge sharing between private players, government institutions, and the government itself to harness the potential of C-V2X technology fully.

A Hub for Collaboration

NHAI’s platform is a central hub where experts and individuals can share their expertise, experiences, and ideas, fostering engagement and collaboration. Likewise, at Metro Infrasys, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration to drive the development of C-V2X technology in India, working together to build an integrated and intelligent transportation network.

Unlocking the Potential

The NHAI in India is dedicated to unlocking the potential of modern highways through its platform for sharing knowledge. Metro Infrasys shares this dedication, recognizing the significant impact of C-V2X technology in revolutionizing traffic management, enhancing road safety, and elevating the overall travel experience.

Sustainability at the Core

Just as NHAI encourages sustainable and eco-friendly practices in National Highway construction, Metro Infrasys is committed to deploying C-V2X technology with sustainability in mind. We actively explore solutions incorporating recycled materials and promoting eco-friendly practices to create a greener, more sustainable C-V2X ecosystem.

Driving Inclusive Development

NHAI’s knowledge-sharing platform encourages experts and citizens to contribute their best practices and ideas for the nation-building process. Similarly, Metro Infrasys welcomes collaboration from experts, stakeholders, and individuals to drive the inclusive development of C-V2X technology and shape the future of transportation in India, ensuring that every citizen benefits from the advancements.

Join Metro Infrasys’ Vision

Metro Infrasys invites you to join our journey in harnessing the power of C-V2X technology for inclusive development in India. Together, let’s build a connected, safe, and efficient transportation network that benefits every individual and contributes to the growth and progress of our nation.

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