The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, stretching over 1386 km, stands as India’s longest expressway, and it traverses through five states: Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. This expressway significantly improves the connectivity between the national capital, Delhi, and the financial capital, Mumbai. It is an 8-lane access-controlled greenfield expressway (expandable to 12 lanes), and it will decrease travel time from 24 to 12 hours between the two megalopolises. The project’s total value, including the land acquisition cost, amounts to approximately ₹1,00,000 crores (~US$13.1 billion). The completion of this project is scheduled for 2024.

Metro Infrasys Pvt Ltd (MIPL) is proud to be associated with this project as Master System Integrator (MSI) for the Closed-Loop Tolling via FASTag in partnership with Indian Highway Management Coy Ltd (A NHAI Company). As an MSI, MIPL will capture and store entry and exit details of all vehicles from each of the 52 toll plazas along the entire stretch from Delhi to Mumbai and club the entry-exit details of vehicles based on the same Tag Id/VRN no to make the final transaction.

This project represents a significant milestone in the realm of system integration in India, as it stands as one of the most extensive projects ever undertaken by a system integrator. Notably, this groundbreaking project marks the country’s first foray into a cloud-based Toll Management System (TMS) project, introducing a new era of innovation and efficiency in the transportation sector.

Under this project, MIPL shall set up a central system in a MeITY-empanelled cloud service provider and process the entry-exit vehicle transaction details from each local System Integrator (SI) while interfacing with the acquiring Bank for payment and settlement of toll charges. The master plaza server infrastructure will be a single window to control all the toll plazas along the entire express. This centralised system will be for all the depending services and process workflows. This will process transactions for all the plazas as a transparent, centralised interconnected network. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is Metro Infrasy’s partner for cloud service for this project.

Metro Infrasys, as the Master System Integrator (MSI), is committed to delivering a web-based application/portal that enables real-time monitoring of Lanes and Plaza system availability. Our solution will include Traffic Count Monitoring for FASTag and Non-FASTag vehicles, ensuring accurate data collection. To ensure smooth operations, we will implement an automatic alert system that promptly notifies any downtime exceeding 10 minutes in any lane or plaza. With our comprehensive monitoring capabilities, we aim to provide a seamless and efficient experience for both commuters and toll operators.

We will facilitate seamless integration with the TMCC software. Our team will ensure a smooth connection between the Toll Management and Control Center (TMCC) software and other equipment and Traffic Management System (TMS) data. This integration will enable the efficient sharing of equipment information and real-time data, enhancing the overall functionality and effectiveness of the toll management system.

MIPL will also ensure seamless integration with all Local System Integrator (LSI) systems and provide a report module for generating uniform MIS reports of each toll plaza.

In conclusion, Metro Infrasys is proud to be at the forefront of developing and implementing advanced cloud-based solutions for the Delhi-Mumbai expressway. As a trusted partner and industry leader, we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions that enhance road safety, optimise traffic management, and improve overall mobility. Our expertise in system integration, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic partnerships empowers us to impact the future of transportation infrastructure significantly. Metro Infrasys is dedicated to creating a smarter, more connected, sustainable transportation ecosystem for a better future.

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