Traffic and Signal Control System

We at Metro Infrasys are please to introduce our intelligent traffic signal management system with its unique features like Real time data capturing from various junctions and Live Dashboard having real time info graphic view for monitoring junctions fully or area specifically. According to many opinion polls, traffic congestion and associated delay is a major public concern. As population increases, intensification of land use occurs, which results in even greater congestions causing air quality problems and added fuel consumption. Improving the efficiency of the existing traffic system through the implementation of advanced technologies, with the coordinated efforts of various public agencies and the private sector, it is one of the best ways to alleviate traffic congestion.

Metro Infrasys Traffic signal control centre is a computer-based traffic signal control system that monitors traffic conditions and system performance, selects appropriate signal timing (control) strategies, and performs equipment diagnostics and health alert functions.

The information is received on a second-by- second basis and is analysed on a minute by minute basis at the Traffic Signal Operations Centre, to determine if better traffic flow can be achieved by changing the signal timing. If required, the signal timing is either automatically changed by the Control Centre computers or manually changed by the operator using communication lines that connect the Traffic Control Centre with each traffic signal.

Traffic & Signal Control System

Traffic Signal Monitoring is an easy to use and highly reliable facility, enabling the efficient monitoring of traffic signals. The system lets operators know the status of all monitored equipment at a glance, using a fully customizable, map-based display.


  • Real time data coming from various junctions.

  • Live Dashboard having real time map for monitoring junctions totally or area wise along with filtration.

  • Continuous Health Status of each junction.

  • Facility to add junctions along with their respective commands dynamically.

  • Modified signal status on the basis of strings sent by the junction.

  • Dynamic User Profile.

  • Various Reports like Junction Detail Report, Junction Status Report etc.