Smart City Solutions

As a part of initiative taken by Indian Government we are delighted to introduce our smart city solutions for a smarter & better City Transportation system.

Rapid growth of population & urbanisation has created a stringent requirement for an intelligent transportation system that can adapt to the continuous increasing flow of traffic. The perfect blend of artificial intelligence & technology provides end to end solutions for all transportation needs. Artificial Intelligence is a much faster and cheaper medium for optimisation of traffic related issues.Our solutions provide a dynamic approach to simplify the complexities of transportation system.

Smart City Solutions - Metro Infrasys

Parking Management System

Parking Management System
According to some studies, billions of dollars are lost every year in the time it takes for cars to circle around in search of parking spaces. Metro’s technology allows parking operators and urban administrators to surmount the challenges of parking in densely populated cities. Our proprietary system shows the availability of parking slots on the Variable Message sign – especially useful in multi-level parking complexes - and guides commuters through their onboard navigation or via the mobile app.

Smart City Inter-Urban road project

Bangalore Airport Road Expressway
The Transport Management Centre deployed on the 25 kilometer Airport Road in Bangalore makes full use of an intelligent control centre powered by an integrated network of roadside devices. The Bangalore Project has the following roadside equipments that feeds into the central system:
  • Variable Message Signs

  • Emergency Call Boxes

  • Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifiers

  • Meteorological Systems

  • Network Management Systems

  • CCTV cameras

  • Incident Detection Cameras

Smart City Urban Project

Adaptive Traffic Control System

Traffic Control System
Often we find ourselves waiting at a red light when there are no other vehicles in sight, that’s where the need for an intelligent traffic management system comes in. Our Adaptive Traffic Control System has been specially engineered to solve such problems.

An advanced Video sensor (with no inroad loops) provides live traffic feed to the controller, and all the controllers are connected wirelessly to the master and for the first time ever, functional upgrades and controller updates are possible without disrupting ongoing operations. Intuitive controller configuration is significantly simplified thanks to intelligent software. Access and operation via Internet browser, tablet or smartphone, based on the latest HTML 5 technology, are part of a Web-based all-in-one solution from Siemens.

Traffic Signal Monitoring

Traffic Signal Monitoring is an easy to use and highly reliable facility, enabling the efficient monitoring of traffic signals. The system lets operators know the status of all monitored equipment at a glance, using a fully customizable, map-based display.
Traffic Signal Monitoring

Adaptive Navigation

Adaptive Navigation
A smart city requires smart navigation, wherein the car drivers receive live information about the road such as driving conditions, availability of parking spaces, and live feed on accidents and incidents. This information is available through the mobile app as well.

Transit Signal Priority and V2X

Can you imagine the state of patients in an emergency when their ambulance is waiting at a red light? V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) technology, based on two-way wireless radio Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) provides the backbone for Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) for emergency vehicles or transit vehicles. TSP comes as an upgrade to the existing traffic controllers to bring about a Signal Prioritization as per the city policy.
Transit Signal Priority and V2X

Smart City - Transport Management Centre (TMC)

Transport Management Centre
Smarter cities across the world are capitalizing on new technologies togather insights and transform their operations, and service delivery. Metro and IBM have collaborated to create the Transport Management Centre TMC, based on the IBM IOC platform for Smarter Cities.