Emergency Vehicle Prioritization

Metro Infrasys EVP solution enables priority movement to the emergency vehicles like Ambulance, fire brigade,police vans etc. the traffic scenario and aide in saving many lives.

Implementation of this solution (On-board Unit App) would enable communication between the traffic controllers installed at each crossing and special on-board devices that will be installed or carried in the emergency vehicles. This will allow the emergency vehicles to automatically control the traffic lights through road side units installed at each crossing with traffic controllers and ensure they get the right to passage throughout. Once the vehicle passes the intersection, the traffic control systemwould revert back to its normal function.

Road Side Unit (RSU) Perform one more function to get the health signal of the traffic controller &send it on central server for further analysis to keep track on controller malfunctioning.

Emergency Vehicle Prioritization

On board unit (OBU)

OBU is a smart android device installed in each emergency vehicle. OBU is able to connect to the internet for the OBU App &also provides necessary GPS data to the OBU App to get the accurate position of the Emergency vehicle.
On Board Unit(obu)

Road Side Unit (RSU)

Road Side Unit - Metro Infrasys
Road site unit is a device to be integrated with the Traffic controller to add the Emergency Vehicle prioritization feature to the traffic controller. The purpose of the RSU is to receive the commandsover TCP/IP protocol (from OBU or other sources) and command the Traffic controller accordingly.

On Board Unit App

On Board unit App get connected to the cloud server using internet connection of OBU overTCP/IP & Also fetch the necessary GPS data to get the accurate location of the Emergency vehicle.

App sends command which includes the approaching direction & other information to the RSU via cloud server to get the Green corridor for the same direction.

Emergency Vehicle Prioritization

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers - Metro Infrasys
Cloud Server act as a common communication channel for RSU & OBU. All the information from RSU &OBU is observed stored in the Cloud server that can be further used for generating different type ofreports related to EVP or health monitoring.

Server Admin Interface

Server Admin interface analyses the collected data and health information gathered. The purpose of this service is to generate different type of reports, live junction data, newjunction data upload to the cloud server, OBU unit authorization etc.
Server Admin Interface