Consultancy services

We are a leading expert of innovative solution providers in the transportation sector. Our services & solutions in the transportation industry are very cost-effective, efficient, reliable, environment- friendly, technology integrated & communicative. We provide intelligent transportation system for smart cities.

Why Us ?

Because of our global approach & experience, we have developed a very in-depth intelligent transport management system in India understanding regarding the public transportation problems which a client might face. We can provide various effective public transport solutions to deal with these problems in an optimized manner by use of technology in transportation systems.
With the foundation of strong expertise, we believe in bringing experience and innovation in transportation system together to develop various smart solutions to mobility transportation systems.

Range of Consultancy Services in Intelligent Transportation System

We believe in building long-term relationship with our clients. We are offering a very wide range of consultancy services in intelligent transportation system like :
Project Development, Feasibility studies, detailed project report, System technical specification, RFP Preparation, Bid Process Management, Transportation Security Management and Project Management etc.

Our Strengths

With several years of expertise in intelligent transportation systems market, we believe we have gained several strengths in the matter of providing clients with innovative solutions & tools, ITS expertise keeping in mind intelligent traffic system companies (traffic management system, toll management system, traffic control system, traffic signal optimization etc.), unique technical & communicative skills, access to in-house team.

Due to our association with several powerful clients like Transpo, Kapsch we were able to build a strong presence in front of our targeted audience in India as well as in the international transport system market.


At Metro Infrasys, we are offering modern transport system with cutting edge technology in a more indigenized way as per the requirements of Indian clients, because client satisfaction is the topmost priority for us.

Our unique end to end approach regarding our services & solutions sets us apart from our competitors. We believe in gaining client's trust & build a relationship. That is why we offer very transparent services, we try our best to make our team and clients stay on the same page. We actively do response management, it helps us to monitor, respond in a timely manner. We also gain valuable feedback from the clients which help us improve our services in a better way.

We have developed our expertise in ITS, a cooperative intelligent transport system by providing various solutions in a very conceptualized, cost-effective & efficient manner regarding its intelligent traffic management, Toll management, Parking Management etc. We Provide consultancy in ITS due to our in-depth experience in this. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who believe in driving the changes as per the client needs.

ITS has a very high potential in India because of several challenges which India face in terms of pollution, infrastructure. It will help in building advanced road transportation system in India and to help India achieve the revolution in the transportation sector with world-class technologies. To lead a smart transportation market !

Our Quality Policy

We believe in providing best world class services with a client-focused approach in consulting for ITS and its system services which includes Processes, Policies, and Guidelines & Procedures.